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"If you're wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you're halfway there to turning heads."

We Like We Love

We Like We Love is a great online magazine that features great photography, graphic design and of course fashion! I was flicking through their latest online issue and came across this small lingerie editorial, I’ve researched into most of the lingerie and it mostly seems to be from Agent Provocateur and Elle Macpherson Intimates, here are some of my favourite images from the issue.






Tallulah Love

Tallulah Love is a stunning new lingerie comapany created by the ex design director at playboy intimates UK. I personally think it’s one to watch out for as some of their collections are absolutely stunning. 

"Glamour, passion, beauty and everything in between. Tallulah Love brings you the lingerie of the heavens for tomorrow, today and tonight."





Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly is a British lingerie brand that has been designed for modern women by taking aspects from the past. The brand has a vintage inspired retro theme throughout and is designed to be sexy with a slight dangerous edge, to make everything that little more special most of the garments are limited addition so if you see something you like you should snap it up quickly!



Made by Niki

Made by Niki is a lingerie brand created by Niki McMorrough a former De Montfort University Contour Fashion graduate. Her key pieces are designed to act as support garments underneath the wearers clothes yet to also look stylish and fashionable, the garments cross over between lingerie, sportswear and control/support wear. Here are some images of her latest spring/summer 2011 collection:



Gisele Bundchen in a contemporary lingerie shoot for Turkish Vogue- March 2011

If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?

-Shannen Doherty 

Chantal Thomass is a Parisian Lingerie brand thats absolutely fabulous, their boutique is probably one of the most stylish in the shopping world and their underwear is simply divine. They are also ahead of the game offering iphone wallpapers and backgrounds that are downloadable from their website as well as make up, perfume and other beauty products. 

Here are some images from their latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Leigh Viner

Leigh Viner is one of my favourite illustrators, her work is so fluid and free and has such a unique style to it, i also love that you can purchase some original artwork and prints from her online etsy shop, one of those would look great in anyones home and I think I might have to start saving! I think the top and the bottom images are my personal favourites!





Mouillé pronounced “moo-yay” means wet and moist in French, they are a fairly new luxury British swimwear brand created to fill a gap in the market for trend led luxury swimwear pieces. Their garments have fashion forward silhouettes using a mixture of bright on trend colours, frills, beading and ruffles. Their collections are available on asos and they have just shown their latest spring/summer 2011 collection in Paris.

Here are some images from their 2010 collection taken from asos.


Maison Close

Maison Close is a French brand that epitomises the art of seduction and sexuality. Their lingerie and bodywear garments have a modern contemporary look yet are always referencing back to eroticism and have a quirky naughtiness about them.

"Erotic and Chic?", you said?





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